• What is the best web host?

    I will explain precisely how to choose a web host and point out which key indicators you need to be mindful of. I will also go on and explain why Bluehost is my go-to host.

    Choosing a web host

    Here are eight important points that you, as a private person or company, should consider when choosing a web host.

    Space: A web site that is primarily text-based does not require much space, but it often requires quite a lot of space if it contains rich media. Find out what it will cost if you need to scale it in the future. Sometimes it can be profitable to pay for a larger space than what your site initially demands.

    Traffic: You'll be consuming bandwidth if your website contains a decent number of pictures and videos. Choose a web host that allows a large amount of traffic. Otherwise, find out how much it costs to scale on demand.

    Speed: Web hosting response time and transaction speed are essential. Response time is the time it takes for the visitor to reach the server, and transaction speed is the time it takes to download the page in the browser. Internet users rarely like slow web pages. The website risks losing many visitors unless the web host has a good response time and a fast transaction speed.

    Reliability: Operational safety is essential, more so for an ecommerce site. Reliability can be measured in "uptime", which is the time as a percentage that the service is in operation for a period of time. No web host has 100% uptime. Sometimes the server has to be restarted. It can suffer from overload, power failure, and more. The lower the uptime, the higher the loss of revenue because the website is not available at a downtime.

    Support: Web hosting support is critical. Ideally, the web host should have both e-mail and phone support. E-mail contact is usually sufficient, but phone support must be available and efficient if the server suddenly goes down. One tip is to test the support before deciding on the web host, such as asking questions via e-mail and phone.

    Technology: Ensure that the web host you choose supports the software you are working with, such as WordPress, Joomla, and MySQL.

    E-mail: Choose a web host where you have access to many e-mail addresses. Having unique e-mail addresses gives a professional impression even for small businesses.

    Price: Price may be important, but keep in mind that cheap is not always good. When choosing a web host, you should observe the above points and then weigh the price. When comparing prices, find out if they include or exclude taxes.

    Why Bluehost is my go-to web host

    You will get a free domain name and free SSL certificate.

    Bluehost have received a lot of criticism throughout the years. This has made them fix their mistakes and rise up as one of the best hosts on the market in terms of customer support.

    Shared hosting plan now comes with a built-in cache solution (powered by free cloudflare) that helps speed up a WordPress site. Page speeds in 2020 are critical.

    Bluehost cPanel is so easy to understand that you will feel like following step by step instructions and be able to complete setting up your entire site with your own. Even if you have little or no technical knowledge.

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